Conquer The Stress Of Leadership

24-25 JUNE 2024
Stressed Leaders Retreat

Stop Limping Along the Daily Grind as an Educator. Start thinking, feeling, and acting like a passionate leader. Be a part of this life-changing event to challenge yourself and shock the system!

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This brief, 2-day event—packed with seminars, training workshops, and mentorship programs—will teach educators to avoid burnout, be self-aware, thrive, and stay in the game.

I have had the opportunity to talk to Dan about his ideas for a Leadership Retreat on a couple of occasions. As a retired Superintendent, I can honestly say that I wish I had had opportunities of this type while I was active in the profession, particularly in my early career. I believe that this retreat will invigorate and inspire current Educational Leaders as they continue in their career path.

Ralph Grimm
Retired Illinois Superintendent

I have known Dan as a colleague and coached against his teams. He is a first class individual who is selfless and leads by example. I am honored to have grown a close friendship through the years, as well. He is always prepared, a true competitor, and has a great work ethic. He is always humble and carries himself with great dignity. I hold his character and integrity in high regard as he is always thinking of others before himself.

Chris Waca
Illinois Principal

Watching Dan train hard while navigating life, family, and his career over these last 12 weeks has been nothing short of inspiring. I knew he was going to crush this half marathon and sure enough he did. The guy is built different.
Training with Dan and seeing the growth of this retreat is powerful.

Mike Donatelli
Ironman, Strength & Fitness Coach

Say Goodbye To The Fear Of Failure.

We will push you to challenge yourself and do hard things.

We will help you develop your work ethic to get you out of your rut.

We will provide you with ongoing support and direction, to keep your body and mind in the right place.

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Get rid of imposter syndrome

Join this empowering event to gain insights from accomplished leaders and discover strategies to eliminate self-doubt. Don't let imposter syndrome hinder your success—empower yourself with proven tips and expert guidance.

Be a passionate leader

This ideal event is your transformational blueprint. It will help you identify your flaws, fix them, and be a great—passionate leader.

Be a part of a community

The best leaders work together to achieve 4 core objectives—vision, adaptability, emotional intelligence, and communication. This event will serve as your gateway to fostering healthy, long-term relationships with like-minded individuals.

Avoid burnout

Exhaustion is the enemy of effectiveness. This event will help you understand and learn the top tips from top-tier leaders, and pave your way for positive, impactful leadership.

Keynote Speakers

Delve into the invaluable insights of our esteemed leaders, renowned for their impact and success.

Dan Stecken

Dan is the Superintendent of Seneca High School District #160 in Seneca, Illinois. He has been in education for over 20 years and is a Hall of Fame coach. A leader who has recently lost over 100+ pounds and challenges himself to "Do Hard Things." Dan has led keynote addresses on leadership and school culture. Dan's keynote will shock your system to get you out of your rut.

Mike Donatelli

The "Best Day Ever" guy | Helping men achieve physical feats they never thought possible | A powerlifter, Ironman, and up for any challenge. Join Mike's community of savages & get in the best shape of your life. Mike's message promotes leaders who go first into a challenge.

Dan Cox

Dan Cox is a veteran Superintendent in Rochester, Illinois. An accomplished keynote speaker and motivational leader, Dan will inspire you to Do Hard Things.

Sara Ellis Olson

A cancer surviving fierce female leader, Sara is a veteran elementary classroom teacher who weaves her life's journey into her leadership lessons. Sara's story will stress the importance of transformational leaders going last to serve others in life.

Jake Carr

Jake Carr is a photographer with 10 years of experience photographing thousands of students, athletes, and teachers. Jake will share with you how having your portrait taken and then hanging it on the wall can inspire confidence, and change and create momentum that will drive you towards accomplishing your goals. He will be around to create a complimentary updated portrait for you during the event.



Camp Aramoni

Spanning 96 acres of lush forests on a former 19th century brickyard, Camp Aramoni's lavish accommodations are ready to welcome you, just 90 minutes south of Chicago near the picturesque Starved Rock State Park.


Dan Stecken
Shock The System

Immersion Stress Activities


Mike Donatelli
Stress Leaders Go First

Trail Hike @ Starved Rock State Park

Sara Olson
Stress Leaders Go Last

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Water & Wine with Sara

Private Event With Live Musician
Sunrise Fun Run
Jake Carr
Portrait Mode

Inspire Confidence

Dan Cox
Do Hard Things

Embrace the Challenge


Dan Stecken
Huddle Up


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This 2-day value-packed and life-transforming event will make you a better leader, push you to challenge yourself, and introduce you to A Community of Educational Leaders  who support each other. So not only you’ll learn, but you’ll develop life-long connections with like-minded leaders.

Gain collaborative opportunities with like-minded leaders.
Embrace a mindset shift that transforms how you think.
Gain valuable insights and practical knowledge.
Create a network that lasts a lifetime.

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